MOUSAI ‘μοῦσαι’

February 2021

Mousai, the inspiring divine of Greek mythology, each related to one of the branches of art and knowledge. 9 figures. Daughters of Zeus and Mnemósine. Companions of the Apollo’s entourage, patron of the fine arts.

History tells that they came down to earth to whisper ideas and inspire mortals to invoke them.

Belin today is Apollo, and during the last dates he has lived with 9 'mousais' in his studio, Belin's interior has resurfaced the classic inspiration of the 9 deities, and he has directed it to the canvas through a contemporary message. that deify the image of the woman.

The artist has recreated by scratching the story, making comparisons, and discovering that nowadays, despite the years since ancient Greece, he still needs to draw from that inspiration.

Belin crosses the timeline and portrays his muses, empowered, free, coming off the marked line, and breaking prejudice, exposing their true nature and form.

Discover a palette in each of them, which has involved an intensive study of the color that Belin perceives with each of his muses, understanding that the individual message of each ‘Mousai’ is also transmitted through color.

The collection is made up of: 

· Caliope, eloquence. 

· Clío, sweet voice. 

· He rató, loving, the muse of poetry. 

· Euterpe, the cheerful. 

· Melpómene, the one who sings, the muse of tragedy. 

· Polymnia, of music. 

· Talía, the one that springs. 

· Terpsícore, lover of dance. 

· Urania, the heavenly, the muse of astronomy.


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