November 2022

Belin's latest collection in 2022, where all the works they are screams.

It is certainly a sample sincere and open-hearted, where you can appreciate naked eye to an artist in full evolution and his work, with a congruent line but at the different time Belin shows us work carried out under the shadow of a dismal year and of emotional losses.

Giving voice to his feeling through the brushes he searches vent their deepest feelings. Belin is a sincere artist, he seeks to express his experience through his work, as a means cathartic to the experience of life. 2022 for the Andalusian artist.

It has been a year full of emotions, trips, losses, murals, collections, one year loaded with "screams", but the The last one will be in Madrid.

This collection consists of different formats and techniques, going through different styles of Belin, the Postneocubism and the Oneline.

If you doubt a different sample, daring, full of colour, expression and strength.


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