Cans Backpack Collection is the recognition of the spray as an individual element of painting. Link and window for the art to the rest of the Art Universe. Sacrifice, self-improvement, the fight in the streets and against your own fears, painting and running. All together turned into this study-work which expresses Belin’s revolutionary and evolutive career path, capturing his Oneline and Chromatic faces born from the Postneocubism art development. With the collaboration of the renowned ceramic handcrafted workshop Tito Úbeda, the artistic heritage of this piece of Art symbolise the inner heart which makes this ‘can’ ringing.

Each of the cans is a unique collector's piece. The spray denotes modernity, but the realization of these cans deviates from current techniques. In the Tito's workshop, a third generation potters, things are still done traditionally.
The cans were turned by hand, painted, enameled and baked as in ancient times. He put the shape, and Belin put the color, designing an Oneline for each pot and painting a art-work on each of those ceramic pieces.
The result is this collection that mixes the artisanal with the contemporary, which once again highlights as an art piece the existential dichotomy between tradition and modernity.

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