— The real artist.

I need to create something that has not been seen before, not what you already know.

I will express myself better painting than speaking, I have to look for the words but when it comes to painting it is something connatural, I will be more sincere painting than with my words. I started painting out of a certain need and now is where my message is more truthful.

The street is the epicenter of all my artistic trajectory and evolution, I discovered graffiti with a piece of a green goblin, a mere anecdote. Painting in the street develops your wit, make something bigger, faster and in less time, you generate a sixth sense. It is in the street where things really happen, now in my studio I make them happen.

What inspires me most is to be able to contribute through creation, honesty and evolution have become the values that govern my personal and artistic life. But people and 'life' are my biggest influence, the colors and the Mexican culture have become an essential part of my life and it bursts into my creation, and the experimentation of the streets of Montmartre give me a mystical quality that I recover every time I walk through them again, I need to create to feel that I contribute and to visualize that evolution.

Art is my reason it's my being, if I don't paint I have a hard time, everything revolves around it, without art I don't exist. It becomes a continuous confrontation, sculpture, painting, interventions, all are battles that I have already faced, I am motivated by the fear of being able to face something new, fear is still present in my work and I work to release it, to reach an artistic explosion.

My work speaks in singular, in my beginnings I was able to transmit a plural message becoming an emissary of a contaminated message. Currently my experimentation, while elusive of tradition, I am oriented to create an individual message full of energy, with the objective that it can be released after its experimentation to provoke a personal or social transformation in whoever has consumed it. My work presents life as the main theme, existentialism and overcoming, the permanent dichotomy between tradition and modernity, sincerity and the claim of love as the main world order.

The main conditioner of life is color, and in my work it is very important and works as a transmitter, my synaesthetic reality has made me turn it into an obsession. I do not use a fixed palette, the chromatic composition becomes part of the message in each of my works. With color I look for the most primal reactions in people, I want to respect this message and be honest in that I experience something new by influencing the sensory experience.

My street art work has been recognized worldwide for its realism, an first figurative corset that I broke in order to break into the 'isms' of contemporary artistic evolution. I began this path with the anthropomorphic distortion that turned my characters into surrealism. Almost without realizing it, I was approaching the American abstract expressionism through the 'Oneline' although to obtain these results, its mental execution was always figurative. I used this route in a neo-cubism, where I deconstruct the message through an intense observation to apply it in the different elements of the same plane, allowing me to grant the line as an insoluble element of my work.

Dalí was a trigger. My first contact with contemporary art, 'The Temptation of San Antonio' was in the social book, there I understood what art was, it gave me fear and then pleasure, I could not stop looking at it.

In recent years the most notorious influence has been the figure of Pablo Picasso, perhaps being a fellow countryman of such a radically own culture can distinguish a natural influence, but if any lesson I take from his work, is that he could prove that he was right, he fought until he was free in painting and changed everything, he dared from knowledge, and now after 25 years painting, I can see and dare to step on that footprint.

Art must invade the public space, my goal through urban art has always been hope and motivation, how a wall can become an inspirational reference for a neighborhood or for a generation, having a work of art excites and empowers you, art is transformative and makes you give a greater value to that place. I am influenced by the space where my work will go.

Contributing to give identity and leave some values in that place and to those people, becomes a reciprocal act, because I become with their values, not only I leave my mark, I absorb their energy that feeds my creativity.

I have a challenge with art, and that is to beat it, I struggle with art constantly and I will know the day I have succeeded. I don't know if this makes me a disruptor, what is clear to me is that the reason I paint is to follow my own path.

Miguel Ángel Belinchón