January 2023

1. f. Rosy light immediately preceding sunrise.
2. f. Beginning or first times of something.
3. f. Beauty of the face, and, by ext., the rosy face.

After a long and gloomy night, the proper thing is to receive the dawn with a handful of hope.

It is the dawn, the sign that something new must begin, it indicates hope and the desire to renew ourselves.

Belin's work is inspired by his personal experiences, it is his captive feelings that she finds no other way to dance to the universe other than through art.
It was during a trip to take her son to school that the sunrise skyline embraced him with this inspiring color scheme.

During the year 2022, the artist immersed himself in various projects that resulted in emotional exhaustion, along with family losses, which left a thick cloud in his inspiration. It is by way of a psychomagic act that he decides to undertake this 2023 with illusion, resignation and a lot of hope for a new dawn.

An intimate and resolute collection from Oneline Cromático that captivates us with its orange, pink and purple colours, where gold leaf is an element of power and a talisman that embraces everything.

Without a doubt, Belin's work is an allegory for overcoming and experimenting with the ME, how a person can be reborn from himself despite periods of uncertainty.

With a new creative space, which allows him the freedom to create in different formats, these works being the first born and which mark a new stage in the artist, who lives for his art, who enjoys the tranquility of his space and the company of his family.

He is an artist 24 hours a day, a father most of the time.


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