22 m x 2,5 m / Oneline Chromatic
Torreperogil, Spain

Through my art, I seek to raise awareness and raise awareness among the public about the importance of combating gender-based violence.

I feel that collective empowerment processes are much needed to help build networks that strengthen the security and self-esteem of women who have had to live in a situation of abuse, whether physical or psychological.

At the beginning of the mural the black color conveys how bad this woman is going through and between a mixture of intense colors is a green hope, but the line that stands out is the red one, a line that represents her voice, that voice that is only in his head.

The lines turn into a protruding eye where you can see the reflection of a window you would like to flee through, as you progress these colors from cold to warm. representing the transformation of the woman until reaching a point where that red line comes out of her head to be the voice that frees her and becomes a strong woman looses her hair, paints her lips and she feels strong and powerful.

I think no woman should forget her strength and should never let someone else turn off the glow in her eyes.


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