12 x 5 m / Postneocubism
Linares, Andalusia, Spain.

Talking about Linares is talking about talent, passion and color.

Festival 23700 Urban Art tells the story of MY CITY with works of art on the street, it's up to me to tell the story of THE CHILDREN OF LINARES.

The first time I heard the great Raphael sing, the skin became a hen and I could empathize with another way of expression. Every note, every letter the artist intonates, was as if it were the first time, as when you faced a blank canvas.

Then, I had the opportunity to work with him, and this feeling was confirmed, the artist surrenders, lives for his art, without it there is no reason to exist.

How to represent such a great artist in a single image?

Artess instinctively need change, aesthetics are unthinkable and Raphael is an example of this.

My mural reflects the Raphael who reinvents himself, who remains in force through time, and I wanted to immortalize him in his hometown.


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