Paris, France

Saato invited 12 artists for a special perfomance inside the parisian metro with the blessing of the RATP.

Through an eclectic selection, we intend to invite artists who come from different universes but who meet in the graphic representation. All of them, at some point in their artistic research, were inspired by the great classical artists. They all write modern history through the historical prism of pictorial art.

A process undertaken by a number of artists before them, and by the multitudes to come, such as the masters exhibited at the Louvre Museum next door. A singular, resolutely modern approach, which borrows from the great masters the lessons they have left as a legacy to us. The light, framing and atmosphere of an ordinary life scene.

United by color and figurative representation, these artists of the 3rd art share the space with sacred tools, brush, charcoal, as well as nowadays’ tools such as spray, tape, stencil, plumb line...

The artists of the selection performing in the Valois gallery are today's masters. They are architects, artists, plastic artists, tattoo artists, graphic designers, some make a living from their art, others devote their free time to it as so many seconds of their daily work.

They come from France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and also from Venezuela and the United States.


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