The Expressionistic Oneline is born experimenting. Starting from the base of his early Oneline, the artist goes further and tries to play with the textures and volume with the shapes of those faces. It does so as relief, letting it self be carried by energy and intuition, for they are pieces without a previous sketch. He speaks his mind. Today they are one of his most quoted works and valued by the experts of the world of art.

Entre tu y yo solo está el no

Acrylic and oil and bar on canvas / 130 x 200 cm / 2022


Oil in bar, spray and acrylic on paper / 100 x 70 cm / 2020

El Despertar

Oil in bar and acrylic on canvas / 170 x 140 cm / 2022


Oil in bar and acrylic on canvas / 150 x 130 cm / 2022